Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Presence Project

Todays lecture and work book is about online 'Presence'. To develop a online presence for yourself that will inform someone about me as an artist.
Three different ways to develop an online presence is to make a Blog ( upgrading images frequently and adding new postings when you want ).A Website or Webpage ( set format more static list of information ).Or a Googlesite ( similar format to website ) .
I am going to make a new Blogg to create my online presence because I am familiar with it and for someone at this nervous level of computer knowledge I think I had better stick to something I at least can get into .
Things I need to organised is a CV, a photo of me ( maybe), some images of art I have recently produced and look at some other sites with art I like.
Then we have to present our sites to our group, it is only a five minute presentation but it still scares me.

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