Tuesday, April 28, 2009

free soft ware

Free Software is software that is available free of charge and is an open source that one has the freedom to make changes.There are free operating systems available such as ubuntu.com and gnu.org.There are many free software programmes a very popular one in our home is You Tube.com this is a very entertaining site for veiwing videos. Some others I learnt about today are TED.com showing talks, discussions and demonstrations,vimeo more video clips , submedia.t.v blogging site for video clips and another that I already know about is the extremly helpful Wikipedia having alot of information available .

evolution of dance 1

loved this guys dancing .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

copy right questions

In Digital Literacy today we are looking into copy right issues. In CASE study 1 we had to listen to George Harrison's song ''My Sweet Lord'' and compare it to Ronald Mack's song ''He's So Fine''. I could'nt hear any similarity but then musically I am un trained I presume the copyright experts must have been able to prove it for George Harrison to be found guilty.In CASE study 2 the movie ''12 Monkeys'' used a chair on a verticle rail which looked very similar to a pencil drawing by Lebbeus Woods.CASE study 3 Keir Smith made a video dealing with copyright exceptions and fair use .It is a powerful statement but I think it is breaching copyright laws or is it creative use? Below is a beautiful image by Frida Kahlo which I down loddered[with an enormous amount of help from Max] from the official website of Frida Kahlo. I have listed it's title and where it came from so that I am covered by copyright as requested from our work book.